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New works are added to the Personal Transformation Library as visionaries, experts and the world’s greatest thinkers contribute and participate in The Flip. Here is what you can win so far:

Prizes are listed alphabetically by author last name or company name

Megatrends 2010 By Patricia Aburdene

Megatrends 2010 tells you how to capitalize on the changes ahead. Highly successful business leaders at all levels are themselves using a variety of consciousness transforming practices and encouraging their colleagues to affirm socially responsible values at work. As more people turn inward to embrace spirituality and values, leading-edge companies have discovered that social and environmental values enhance profit and productivity.

Take Back Your Health Power by Mike Adams

Do you feel powerless over your health situation? Do you want to take control over your health future and break away from the bad advice pushed onto you by physicians and drug companies? This courageous report tells you how to take back your power from those who have been exploiting your misfortune for their profit. Learn how to put yourself in control and transform your health outcome into the one you truly desire.

The Passion Test
by Janet Bray Attwood, Chris Attwood

Isn't it about time you begin living YOUR dreams? Do you know you have a greater purpose, but you're not yet living it?
The Passion Test™ has given me incredible insight into what was missing in my life, where I was not 100% spot on in pursuing my passions. It’s simple, it’s easy, and it’s profound. Out of it came the creation of an organization I’d been putting off for six years and a fuller _expression of my love and my commitment to my family.

Toward a New Civilization by Arthur Blech

Toward a New Civilization meticulously documents our sociological, psychological, religious and economic history from past to present—offering real solutions for a sustainable future. With searing insight, Arthur Blech builds an irrefutable step-by-step case that unless mankind changes its instinctual habits it faces horrific consequences whose end game is extinction.

Not content simply to illuminate the problems, this “Must Read” work presents solutions to many of our civilization’s most pressing issues. Hailed in Europe, Toward a New Civilization provides an imperative path toward a new, vibrant civilization fueled by urgency and necessity.

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8 Weeks to Vibrant Health by Hyla Cass, M.D.

8 Weeks to Vibrant Health, acclaimed integrative doctor and bestselling health author Hyla Cass, M.D., and health writer Kathleen Barnes address ways women can empower themselves by discovering the underlying causes of your health problems. Then you are given the tools you need to determine why you are experiencing these symptoms and to remedy the imbalance that causes the symptoms.

Suddenly Psychic by Maureen Caudill

Suddenly Psychic offers evidence that "paranormal" abilities are a normal part of human consciousness – and what’s more, anyone can learn them! After decades of ultra-rational, "left-brained" existence as a physicist and computer scientist, all of Maureen Caudill’s beliefs about life—and the laws of physics—drastically changed when she began having first-hand experiences of scientifically "impossible" psychic phenomena like spoon-bending, remote viewing, and channeling. This is the memoir of a believer who understands—and speaks to—the skeptics’ perspective. Maureen Caudill has degrees in physics and math from the University of Connecticut and Cornell University and spent more than twenty years as a computer scientist specializing in artificial intelligence and neural networks.

Quantum Think

What do you really want at this point in your life? Whether it’s a relationship, a business result, or personal or global transformation, who isn’t ready for an expansion in our thinking and ability to create with confidence in these changing times?

QuantumThink® is the extraordinarily successful groundbreaking new system of thinking presented in unique teleseminarsto corporations, government, and individuals around the world – a practical application of cutting-edge quantum science and ageless spiritual knowledge that teaches the relationship of mind to results so you are living your inherent wisdom naturally.

How Did I Get Here by Barbara De Angelis

For anyone in a difficult life circumstance, it's hard to imagine a more useful collection of personal change ideas than you'll hear in this audio. With practical language, this transformation guide considers a large range of internal and external dynamics and confronts the major obstacles people face when considering change. Though intended for people in painful situations, the ideas are grounded in human terms that everyone will recognize. It's a deeply felt invitation to discovery and renewal that puts the focus on a person's strengths and possibilities.



Pamper your feet in ecoKashmere™. 85% Bamboo / 15% Lycra - Hypoallergenic and dye-free. Buy three pair for just $18.00.Soothe your tender toes with spa-like relief for stressed out feet. Whether it’s the wrap-up to a deep, moisturizing pedicure or just an evening of putting your feet up, these ankle hugging spa socks cradle feet in cosy comfort. Perfectly plush, the buttery soft ecoKashmere™ suits travel to foreign lands or quiet evenings at home. You won't want to take them off!

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Eyes of an angel By Paul Elder

A compelling, inspiring, and important book, Eyes of an Angel integrates near-death and out-of-body experiences in a way that has never been done before. A story of hope and courage that can instantly change millions of lives, it will give readers of books like Conversations With God inspiration to create their own dialogue with their own spirit guides and God.

The Hundred Year Lie By Randell Fitzgerald

This provocative and frightening look at the synthetic chemicals used by the processed foods, pharmaceutical and chemical industries delivers an excellent, up-to-date summary of "what is really in our food, water, vitamins, prescription drugs, childhood vaccines, cosmetics, and in our homes."

Create World Changing Success
Coco Fossland, Founder and President, WorldChangingBusiness, The Trust Leadership Institute, and the Create Audio Now Academy comes to you with an invitation to uncover an unlimited source of power, peace, ease, wisdom and certainty.


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The Mars & Venus Diet & Exercise Solution by John Gray Ph. D.

"The magic key to health, happiness, and romance is waiting for you in your local health food store," says relationship guru John Gray, Ph.D. Not only do men and women have different communication and love styles, they gain and lose weight differently and need different diets, asserts Gray, author of the bestselling Mars and Venus series. Though he does not have credentials in exercise, nutrition, or weight management, Gray creates a program that, he claims, balances each gender's brain chemistry, resulting in health, weight loss, stress management, and romance.

Totally Fulfilled by Dean Graziosi

There is a simple solution to turn your life around and Dean Graziosi has discovered it. In an easy to understand and apply format, Dean has created the only book anyone will ever need for success in all areas of their life.There are thousands of books written on success yet none ever like Dean Graziosi's "Totally Fulfilled." With simple techniques, Dean learned through trial and error he takes the reader on an exciting journey to wealth, abundance, happiness, accomplishments, confidence, love, prosperity, and so much more.

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Take Charge of Your Mind by Paul Hannam & John Selby

Who’s managing your mind and your moods? In today’s hyper speed workplace you can’t afford to get slowed down by regrets about past decisions or worries about the future. Staying in the moment greatly improves productivity, aids problem-solving, enables deeper creativity, and helps you tap into your visionary wisdom for powerfully effective leadership. Take Charge of Your Mind offers quick yet meaningful cognitive methods for doing just that. Hannam and Selby show how—in only minutes a day—you can shift out of negative states of mind and activate your full awareness and potential.

Planetary Citizenship: Your Values, Beliefs and Actions Can Shape A Sustainable World By Hazel Henderson

Two world-renowned global activists explore the rise of grassroots globalists-citizens all over the world who are taking responsibility to build a more peaceful, harmonious, and sustainable future-in this wide-ranging dialogue. They discuss their own backgrounds and what led them individually to activism on a worldwide scale. At the same time, they provide encouragement and concrete information for the millions of other concerned citizens who want to make a difference. A wide variety of issues that are now gaining greater recognition at all levels of society are explored, including sustainable development, economic justice, respect for indigenous peoples and their traditional lands and resources, democratizing politics and international institutions, making corporations accountable, and conserving the Earth's bio-diversity, water, air quality, and climate.

CARDS OF DESTINY by Sharon Jeffers

Once a powerful tool for time keeping and divination, an ordinary deck of playing cards contains the keys to humankind's destiny within its sacred numbers and symbols. In CARDS OF DESTINY, the characteristics of each card are described in detail, giving readers insight into their own lives and the personalities of friends or lovers. By determining which cards are associated with our birthday or other days of interest, we can learn to use the power of the cards for happiness, fulfillment, and success.

I Need Your Love-Is That True by Byron Katie

In her first book, Byron Katie introduced readers to her simple and profound method of finding happiness through questioning the mind. Now Katie's second book, I Need Your Love -- Is That True?, examines a universal source of anxiety: our relationship with others. In this groundbreaking book, Katie helps you turn your mind inside out and leave it in a state of dazzling clarity, where everything makes sense for the first time.

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Anand Bliss by Snatam Kaur

Here it is at last - Snatam's hugely anticipated new CD Anand. It has certainly been worth the wait. Layers of keyboard, harmonium, tabla, violin, sarod, bass and the dancing flute of Manose create an incredible landscape behind Snatam’s ethereal vocals. This album carries a mesage of profound bliss and joy.

If you like Snatam, then you will simply love Anand!

Keys to the Da Vinci Code by Lorenzo Fernandez Bueno and Mariano Fernandez Urresti

Dan Brown's immensely popular title, The Da Vinci
Code, has been one of the most successful bestsellers in recent history. In fact, its cultish following has reached international proportions and the Da Vinci Code phenomenon has now prompted a major motion picture production which is sure to be a box office smash. However, few of us have a clear understanding of the background material on which the author based this work which is a key part to understanding the occult history of the last millennia.

A Journey of Self-Discovery and Personal Empowerment
By Yolanda King and Wanda Marie

A glimpse into the life of Yolanda King, eldest daughter of Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. “Just because you are born to powerful legends, does not mean you are automatically an empowered person. We must each learn to embrace our own power, one day at a time.”

The Therapuetic Touch by Delores Krieger

Whether it be to relieve a headache, calm a muscle spasm, soothe a crying baby, or alleviate your own abdominal cramps. The Therapeutic Touch shows you how you can use your hands to help or to heal someone who is sick.

The Astrology of Great Sex by Myrna Lamb

Throw your old outdated astrology love books out the back door! This book is the only one you will ever need from now on! It cuts through all the other astrology crap and goes right to the question you had in mind. It is timeless...so if you have a new lover next month or year, you still have the guide! Written in clear, concise and classy format; pics are exquisite and flow with the guide. We should all welcome this long awaited breath of fresh air guide! I vote five stars! What are you waiting for?

The Chaos Point by Ervin Laszlo

Revered author and systems theorist Ervin Laszlo provides a concise, yet encompassing overview of the present world situation, showing where we are, and how we got here. Where we are, Laszlo tells us, is at a critical juncture in history, a 'decision-window' where we face both the danger of global collapse and the opportunity of worldwide renewal. According to Laszlo we have six to seven years to head off unsustainable trends that would lead to a 'tipping point' beyond which there is no turning back.

Macroshift by Ervin Laszlo

Change in today's world is driven by new technologies in energy, transportation, and above all in information and communication. We cannot shift industrial society into the global information­communication age with the kind of values and vision that created the world of the 20th century, with its deepening problems and growing instabilities. This is the challenge before us. We need to catch up with the world we have created: we must evolve the way we perceive it, the way we value it, and the way we act in it. We need timely and effective personal, organizational and cultural creativity.

The Serious Business of Happiness presents, Living Luminaries by Michael Lasky

a powerful new motion picture featuring the insights of the consciously evolved A-list of stars in the Cultural Creative* movement. Here are some of the people that you will meet in "Living Luminaries":

Best selling authors such as Marianne Williamson, Eckhart Tolle, Don Miguel Ruiz. Gary Renard author of "Disappearance of the Universe" and Matthew Kelly, author of "Seven Levels of Intimacy".

Religious and spiritual leaders such as Nachum Shiffren (The Surfing Rabbi), Dr. Rev. Robert A. Schuller (of the Crystal Cathedral), the Venerable Tibetan Lama Chodak Gyatso Nupka, Rev. Michael Bernhard Beckwith, Dr. Mary Manin Morrissey, Dr. Harry Morgan Moses.


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Are You Ready to Live the Truth of Your Higher Self? by Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi

Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi is recognized and honored worldwide as a global humanitarian, a powerful transformational teacher, and a master of enlightenment. In this her first book, she invites you to become the embodiment of divine love, in order to bring transformation to yourself and the world.

From relationships and forgiveness, to who you are and what your purpose is, Sai Maa’s words vibrate with universal knowledge and serve to activate your Higher Self and to guide you toward self-mastery. The Supreme Light radiated by Petals of Grace is certain to illuminate your spirit

Self-Powerment by Faye Mandell

“Faye Mandell’s book is an important contribution to the transformation of human consciousness – a matter of greatest urgency. It shows the reader how to make the shift from thinking to awareness, from past and future to the Here-Now. An eminently practical book and powerful pointer to the truth.”

Humanity Ascending by Barbara Marx Hubbard

The Untold History of Humanity As Seen Through Evolutionary Eyes, the first DVD in the Humanity Ascending Series, spans the history of the evolutionary journey of our species from the big bang to current times, where we find ourselves precariously standing at the edge of conscious evolution or self-destruction. 40 minutes (DVD)

The Worlds Healthiest Foods by George Mateljan

I found The World's Healthiest Foods, Essential Guide to the Healthiest Way of Eating to be fascinating and the best source for transforming the latest nutritional science into healthy delicious meals that can improve your health. --Jeffrey Bland, Ph.D., renowned authority on function foods and author of the groundbreaking book, Genetic Engineering

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The Megachi Pendant

The MegaChi pendant is the ultimate energy system crafted in a gorgeous Frank Lloyd Wright design. This 1” by 2” 24 carat gold-plated bronze pendant brings balance, increased vitality and libido, peace, serenity and protection. The MegaChi pendant is of the highest vibration and has been thoroughly tested to ensure your energy is shifted to its highest harmonic signature.

Wear it with other jewelry and gemstones to amplify the healing energies of crystals, amethysts, rubies, sapphires, pearls or whatever you choose. Combine it with the Kwan Yin or BuddhaCool for even more positive amplification and connection with the divine.

The Leadership Integrity Challenge by Edward Morler

The Holocaust, Darfur, and Enron; examples of man's chronic, self-centered lack of maturity and integrity. We must grow up! The Leadership Integrity Challenge points the way. Demonstrating both breath and depth, The Leadership Integrity Challenge: How to Assess and Facilitate Emotional Maturity by Ed Morler, M.B.A, Ph.D., wins Best Business Book of 2005 and also was finalist in the categories of Best Social Change Book and Best Professional/Career Book.

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Commitment to Love by Maureen Moss

It is a book of power. In it are the imprints of powerful spiritual forces that are devoted to your ascension process... and you will personally be taken to meet each one of them.
In it is love, partnership, comfort, guidance, invocation and prayers that lifts you high above the playing field of the mind and ego.
By it, you will have your proper identity restored to make your ascension.
"An inspired roadmap to your Highest _expression of Self. Following its guided wisdom assures absolute and immediate success!"

The Newmans Own Organics Guide to A Good Life by Nell Newman

Newman isn't just the daughter of celebrated actors and just the founder of Newman's Own Organics. She draws on a degree in human ecology to write this manual on living a kinder, less ecologically harmful life.

Mother-Daughter Wisdom by Christiane Northup, M.D.

It's a rare book that delivers so completely on such a broad promise. Mother-Daughter Wisdom is written to connect the dots between a number of separate parts: logical and emotional morality, physical and mental health, friends and family, and in an overarching sense, the relationship between being a woman's daughter and raising a daughter of your own.

Once a Year Subscription to Ode Magazine

Ode is an independent magazine about the people and ideas that are changing the world.

Sometimes it’s difficult to see beyond the war, poverty, exploitation and pollution that the mainstream media use to fill our view of the world. But there is more to life. There are other stories to report. Stories of countless initiatives being launched around the globe by people devoted to justice, respect and equality. Stories that bridge the gap between thinking and doing, between rage and hope, and the painful gap between the rich and poor – and thus build peace and sustainability. That is the news that Ode promises to deliver. By reading Ode you connect to a network of positive change and inspiration. Ode points the way to knowing better, doing better and feeling better.

The Best Alternative Medicine by Kenneth Pelletier

The first authoritative Guide that both consumers and professionals need to evaluate the effectiveness of integrative/alternative medical therapies -- citing the best scientific research available.

The Big Fat Health and Fitness Lie by Craig Pepin-donat

Are you sick and tired of feeling ripped off by diets, gimmicks, fads, books, videos and fitness gurus that profess to have the "real solution" to getting fast results? Do you want to know the truth about fitness clubs, home equipment and how supplements, prescription drugs, addictions and other lifestyle choices can have a dramatic negative effect on your health?

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Psychosomatic Wellness: Healing Your Bodymind by Candace Pert

Psychosomatic Wellness: Healing Your Bodymind is a CD by Candace Pert with musical compositions. The CD is accompanied by a 10-page illustrated booklet discussing the scientific basis for psychosomatic wellness. The CD package is a practical application of new paradigm physiology, scientifically designed to rest and heal your bodymind. Psychosomatic Wellness © was created to help people alleviate stress and complete interrupted cellular healing.

Oneness by Rasha

In 400 pages of unprecedented Divine Revelations, Oneness gives us an astounding glimpse into the Divine Vision that explains what on earth really is going on in these extraordinary times. Here in these teachings are the answers we've prayed for and a vivid portrait of the fluid nature of the phenomenon we think of as "life."

The Cultural Creatives by Paul H. Ray Phd and Sherry Ruth Anderson

Does the religious right have a hammerlock on values in America? Is the new American dream really about getting and spending, and being the first zillionaire on the block? At the turn of the millennium, fifty million ordinary Americans emphatically disagree. They are the Cultural Creatives - the leading edge creators of a new culture in America.

Heathy at 100 by John Robbins

In this revolutionary new book, bestselling author John Robbins presents us with a bold new paradigm of aging, showing us how we can increase not only our life span but also our health span. Through the example of four very different cultures that have the distinction of producing some of the world’s healthiest, oldest people, Robbins reveals the secrets for living an extended and fulfilling life in which our later years become a period of wisdom, vitality, and happiness.

The Future of Love by Daphne Rose Kingma

Ever wondered why you’ve had several, rather than a single life-long relationship, or why your relationship life has followed what seems like an unusual path? Then this book is for you. Groundbreaking and controversial, it /this book/ delivers the remarkable message that it is actually the soul, our spiritual essence, which is creating both havoc and beautiful changes in the world of our intimate connections.

Parenting Begins Before Conception by Carista Luminare Rosen Ph.D.

Parenting Begins Before Conception skillfully highlights how profoundly we are affected by conscious and unconscious experiences and memories during our womb lives. . . . Working with the wonderful exercises outlined in this book, prospective parents discover how their own prebirth and childhood experiences can become their greatest allies in preparing for parenthood and bonding with their unborn child.

Nonviolent Communication by Marshall Rosenberg

"Marshall Rosenberg is the mentor I wish we'd all had growing up. We learned to speak but not communicate and that has led to so much unnecessary personal and social misery. In this book you will find an amazingly effective language for saying what's on your mind and in your heart. Like so many essential and elegant systems, it's simple on the surface, challenging to use in the heat of the moment and powerful in its results. I use these tools every day and can totally vouch for them." Vicki Robin

From Science to God by Peter Russell

From Science to God is the story of Peter Russell's lifelong exploration into the nature of consciousness. Blending physics, psychology, and philosophy, he leads us to a new worldview in which consciousness is a fundamental quality of creation. He shows how all the ingredients for this worldview are in place; nothing new needs to be discovered. We have only to put the pieces together and explore the new picture of reality that emerges.

Earthdance: Living Systems in Evolution
by Elisabet Sahtouris

An evolution biologist's story of planet Earth and its people from origins to a sustainable future. Past patterns of biological evolution offers clues to the natural process of globalization.

Executive EQ by Ayman Sawaf

Studies have shown that the most intelligent people are often not that successful in their personal lives. As Cooper (The Performance Edge, Houghton, 1991) and executive/entrepreneur Sawaf demonstrate, that principle applies in business as well. The authors argue that business success depends on "emotional intelligence"?a quality that "enables you to be authentic and true to your best self; to be clear and get along;...and to sense opportunities and create the future." Filled with examples from major businesses, their book includes an "EQ map" that lets readers measure their own relative strengths and weaknesses across many emotional intelligence characteristics. Both entertaining and informative, this book should enlighten all workers. Highly recommended.

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Credo of a Modern Kabbalist Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi with Rabbi Daniel Siegel

Kabbalah, the Jewish mystical tradition, is an object of great interest in a world satiated with material possessions and struggling to find meaning. There are people who present Kabbalah as a doorway into greater detachment and others seek the ability to gain control over their lives and fortunes.

The Living Energy Universe by Gary E. Schwartz, Ph.D.

This is a book about a big idea: "Everything is alive and remembers." Gary Schwartz describes how this idea first came to him in a moment of revelation during a visit to Vancouver in the early 1980s, looking out one night across the bay:

Seven Masters, One Path: Meditation Secrets from the World's Greatest Teachers by John Selby

The 'Awareness-Plus' Mini-Meditation Course

Merging ancient meditative wisdom with new cognitive-science insights, you can now move through a 2-minute meditation process anywhere, anytime - to expand your awareness, wake up empathy, attain higher wisdom, and turn down-moods into bright harmonious action. In this free mini-meditation online course led by psychologist John Selby you will listen to 7 two-minute guided meditations ... that train you to shift rapidly into a more awakened, compassionate, empowered personal presence - enjoy!

The Healing Journey by O. Carl Simonton

In this inspiring sequel to Getting Well Again, an extraordinary doctor and one of his patients offer powerful healing ideas to anyone touched by life-threatening illness. At age forty, businessman Reid Henson was diagnosed with a rare form of cancer. His prognosis was grim: less than two years to live. Given no hope by the medical community, Reid enrolled in Simonton Cancer Center and the care of Dr. Simonton, a world-renowned oncologist who not only offered Reid hope, but encouraged him to participate in regaining his own health. Today, more than 35 years after his terminal diagnosis, Reid Henson is vitally alive.

Living an Uncommon Life by John St. Augustine

In Living an Uncommon Life, nationally syndicated talk radio host John St. Augustine distills a decade of interviews with more than 5,000 guests into a road map for living an extraordinary life. St. Augustine saw a pattern in the lives of the exceptional personalities that have appeared on his show – each of them refused to let negative circumstances dictate their life and instead found the inner strength to achieve great things. St. Augustine insists we all share these remarkable strengths and traits and offers 21 principles for unlocking your personal best. Each principle is reinforced with a powerful story from the lives of people whose paths have crossed with St. Augustine including Oprah Winfrey, John Denver, Walter Payton and best-selling authors Cheryl Richardson and Wayne Dyer, among others. John St. Augustine hosts Power!Talk Radio and his motivational, one-minute "Powerthoughts" radio spots are heard daily on stations across the country.

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Life Shift by Aleta St. James

Nothing is impossible. No dream is too big. All that you desire can be yours...if you stop blocking yourself from your own happiness and success. You may be asking yourself, can this be so?

The answer is YES! Live the life you desire through practical use of Aleta St. James' remarkable Energy Transformation SystemTM (ETS). Due to overwhelming demand Aleta has put her work into book form, Life Shift, so that more people can experience this incredible transformation for themselves.

The Journals—A Message from the Council of Ancients by R.T. Stone

Do you believe in destiny? A higher power? R.T. Stone didn’t. Stone had lived the American Dream as an obscure self-made millionaire. Then one mysterious night all that changed, forever.

Welcome to your destiny.

The Journals Book II—Into the Gulf by R.T. Stone

The Journals Book II—Into the Gulf speaks with reverence and humor to the gulf, the gap, felt by millions of disenfranchised souls who have pursued a life of possessive materialism. It adeptly juxtaposes the contrasts and contradictions between:

The cast of eccentric characters from The Journals—A Message from the Council of Ancients is back to delight and inspire, to enlighten and empower. The book’s multi-layered plot, hidden meanings and tongue-in-cheek humor provides subtle backdrop for many of the important social issues facing our society and each of us individually.

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Entangled Minds by Dean Radin

One of the most surprising discoveries of modern physics is that objects aren't as separate as they may seem. When you drill down into the core of even the most solid-looking material, separateness dissolves. All that remains, like the smile of the Cheshire Cat from Alice in Wonderland, are relationships extending curiously throughout space and time. These connections were predicted by quantum theory and were called "spooky action at a distance" by Albert Einstein. One of the founders of quantum theory, Erwin Schrödinger, dubbed this peculiarity entanglement, saying "I would not call that one but rather the characteristic trait of quantum mechanics."

How to Use What You've Got to Get What You Want by Marilyn Tam, M.S.

Born in Hong Kong to a traditional Chinese family, Marilyn Tam was an unlikely candidate for corporate stardom. She rose to the executive suites of Reebok, Nike and others; now, she’s telling “How to Use What You’ve Got” lessons in making the best of who you are to achieve personal, professional success

A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

Building on the astonishing success of The Power of Now, Eckhart Tolle presents readers with an honest look at the current state of humanity: He implores us to see and accept that this state, which is based on an erroneous identification with the egoic mind, is one of dangerous insanity.

The Soul of Money by Lynn Twist

This compelling and fundamentally liberating book shows us that examining our attitudes toward money—earning it, spending it, and giving it away—can offer surprising insight into our lives, our values and the essence of prosperity.

Life as a Daymaker by David Wagner

Go Ahead, Make My Day Make someone's day, and you'll make your own - that's the principal behind David Wagner's book Life As A Daymaker: How to Change the World Simply by Making Someone's Day. Wagner poses one questions: "Why have random acts of kindness when you have intentional acts of goodwill?" Life As A Daymaker offers wealth of opportunities to spread cheer, encouragement or advice to anyone who opens it's cover. Author David Wagner offers suggestions on how to make one's life meaningful and rewarding, using a single, simple premise.

Meditations from Conversations With God by Neale Donald Walsh

About this title: This exceptional gift edition features breathtaking full-color photography paired throughout with the voice of wisdom readers have come to know and love.

MONEY IS LOVE - Reconnecting to the Sacred Origins of Money by Barbara Wilder

War, poverty, hunger and crime are caused by the fear that surrounds money and its scarcity. Money is energy, and energy is limitless. Only our fear and our limited way of thinking make money seem scarce. Using the exercises described in this book, you can reconnect with the sacred origins of money, and direct the flow of money through your life and the world on a current of love, joy, goodwill and abundance. Money is energy, and according to quantum physics the universe is made up of energy, which becomes matter only when information is focused on it. Wood is wood and not iron because of the information that forms the two different kinds of matter.

What the Bleep Do We Know by William Arntz, Betsy Chasse, Mark Vicente, and Marlee Matlin

Originally released in February 2004 in one theater in Yelm, Washington, What the BLEEP Do We Know!? went on to become the fifth highest grossing documentary in the United States, with ticket sales of $12 Million.

Shunned by all movie distributors, the producers set about distributing and marketing the movie themselves in a “proof of concept” strategy to show theater owners there was indeed a market for spiritually oriented films that catered to audiences’ intelligence, not their lowest common denominator.

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Voices of Our Ancestors by Dhyani Ywahoo

Cherokee Teachings from the Wisdom Fire. Voices of Our Ancestors teaches practical ways of transforming obstacles to happiness and good relationships, fulfilling one's life purpose, manifesting peace and abundance, and renewing the planet. It includes meditations for clarifying body, mind, and emotions; healing rituals; instructions for working with crystals; and teachings on how to practice generosity and harmony.

Inner Security & Infinite Wealth by Stuart Zimmerman and Jared Rosen

The ground-breaking book that lets you experience a more incredible and rewarding life by helping unlock your relationship between wealth, self-worth and peace of mind.
By understanding and building on the EIGHT TREASURES™ outlined in the book, you will energize your ability to create true wealth and security from the inside out!