Meet the Flipsters
Conversations on the Bridge

To document the incredible flip to the Right Side Up world that has taken place we contacted over 100 visionaries, experts, authors, celebrities and professionals to get their view in their respective area of expertise. 60 visionaries granted us an interview. Due to space and editorial decisions some interviews were cut—only 47made it into The Flip—and reformatted.

To read ALL 60 interviews in their original question and answer format click this link to our Interviews page. You can read them online or download to your desktop.

Below you will find web links to The Flipsters in the book where you can research and learn more about their wonderful work. It’s a grand experience and inspiring journey to delve deeply into the warm light of the Right Side Up world. Our Flipsters have much to offer in areas of

• Consciousness
• Culture
• Relationships
• Discovering Your Self
• Quantum Physics
• Calming the Mind
• Finding Your Bliss
• Honoring Your Spirit
• Stress
• Emotions and Mind Chemistry
• Media and its Affect on Our Lives

• Food and Nutrition
• Natural and Organic Foods
• Alternative Medicine
• Energy Solutions
• Money and Wealth
• Economic and Environmental Issues
• Socially Responsible Companies
• The Future of Business
• Investing in Your Future
• Peace and Ways to Get There
• Spirtuality

Please explore our Flipsters, there is so much good going on in the world. Here are all the resources you need to make your own flip!

Flipping Your Life—From Flipped Out To Flipped In
Paul Ray—Author, Cultural Creatives  
Barbara De Angelis—Author, How Did I Get Here
Byron Katie—Author, Loving What Is
Yolanda King—CEO of Higher Ground, daughter of Martin Luther King, Jr.

Flipping The Mind—From Fragmented Thoughts to Whole Thinking
Peter Russell—Author, Global Brain
Dianne Collins—Author, Do You Quantum Think?
John Selby—Author, Quiet The Mind
Gary Zukav—Author, Seat of The Soul

Flipping The Emotions—From Emotional Resistance to Emotional Flow
Carista Luminare-Rosen—Author, Parenting Begins Before Conception
John Gray—Author, Men Are from Mars, Women Are from Venus
Candace Pert—Author, Molecules Of Emotions
Faye Mandell—Author, Self Powerment
D. Rose Kingma—Author, The Future Of Love
Ayman Sawaf—Co-Author, Executive EQ

Flipping The Channels—From Mindless Programming to Mindful Media
Barnet Bain—Film Producer, What Dreams May Come
Debbie Levin—President, Environmental Media Assoc.
John Raatz—Partner, Awakened Media
Sheldon Drobney—Founder, Air America

Flipping Burgers—From Processed Foods to Natural Wholesomeness
John Robbins—Author, Diet For A New America
Udo Erasmus—Father of flax oil
Vandana Shiva—Champion of biodiversity
Nell Newman—Founder, Newman’s Own Organics

Flipping PillsFrom Treating Symptoms to Maintaining Health
Christiane Northrup MD—Author, Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom
Ken Pelletier, PhD, MD—Author, Mind as Healer, Mind as Slayer
Carl Simonton MD—Psychoimmunology pioneer
Dolores Krieger RN PhD—Cofounder Therapeutic Touch

Flipping The SwitchFrom Non–Renewable To Sustainable Energy
Daryl Hannah—Actress, Biodiesel advocate
Ed Begley Jr.—Actor, St. Elsewhere, Six Feet Under
Hunter Lovins—Cofounder, Rocky Mt. Institute
Phillipe Costeau—Cofounder, EarthEcho Institute

Flipping The CoinFrom Scarcity to Abundance
Stu Zimmerman—Radio host, Inside Wealth
Hazel Henderson—Author, socially responsible investment pioneer
Danah Zohar—Author, Spiritual Capital  
Lynne Twist—Author, Soul Of Money

Flipping The Corporation—From Pirates to Stewards
Patricia Aburdene—Author, Megatrends 2010
Marilyn Tam—Author, former CEO Aveda Corporation
Peter Senge—Author, Fifth Discipline
Ray Anderson—Chairman, Interface Inc.
Terry Mollner—Cofounder, Calvert Fund

Flipping The TriggerFrom Tribal Warfare To Global Tribe
Oscar Arias—Nobel Laureate, President Of Costa Rica
Marshall Rosenberg—Nonviolent communication pioneer
Barbara Marx Hubbard—Author, futurist

Flipping The Light—From God-Fearing Believers to Spiritual Human Beings
Rabbi Zalman Schachter-Shalomi—Founder of P’nai (Children of Light)
Venerable Dhyani Ywahoo—Native American spiritual leader
Elizabeth Sahtouris—Author, evolution biologist
Bishop Alden Hathaway (rtd)—Director of Solar Light for Churches of Africa
Sai Maa Lakshmi Devi—Spiritual teacher, humanitarian


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