FLIP PLANET 2010: Blueprints For A New World
The outdated structures and systems of our world that were created from a delusional belief in separation and scarcity are in the process of a flip. A flip from scarcity to abundance - from terror to human unity - from upside-down to right-side up. Beyond our wildest dreams, this world born from truth and wholeness will prevail.

In 2006, we wrote The Flip: Turn Your World Around (published by Hampton Roads) to document the birth of this new world and highlight the people who are passionately engaged in the positive transformation of Planet Earth. Nearly a half a decade later we felt compelled to create a free media e-book to illuminate the accelerated momentum of The Flip and share our own observations via audio clips.

Flip Planet 2010: Blueprints For A New World is being released at the threshold of the second decade of the third millennium as a testament to this global shift.

Each chapter of this book spotlights a set of ideas that provoke, evoke and invoke radical change. The time for incremental change is diminishing, as the humans discover themselves racing against the clock of self-induced destruction. The words, sounds and images you are about to immerse yourself in – will give you a renewed sense for hope and present realistic blueprints to building a world based in wholeness, human unity and love.

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