We didn’t get to review the last proof of our final edits before the book went to print. Some changes didn’t get made. So we’re correcting them here until we print the next edition.

A thousand pardons for the lapse. Unintentional, we assure you. If you discover any other errors, please kick us an email at

  • Pg 5, 2nd paragraph—The homes, cars, places of work and industries of America selfishly consume forty percent of the world’s energy using sources…”

Should be “twenty-five percent of the world’s energy using sources…” See, we’re not such energy hogs!

  • Pg 144, 6th bullet—Visit the Apollo Institute should be Apollo Alliance at Our apologies to the Apollo Alliance: you guys rock. They have the solution to many of the U.S.’s energy, environmental, employment, and technology dominance problems. If only somebody would listen.



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