Humankind stands at an
important crossroad.
One way leads to an upside down world of chaos, anxiety and fear; the other toward a Right Side Up world of mindful living, harmony and balance.

An incredible shift in consciousness, a flip, is taking place affecting every aspect of our lives. Will you embrace it or deny it?

The Flip, a new book by Jared Rosen and David Rippe, illuminates a clear path to a vibrant enlightened world where millions of people already live and thrive. It describes in vivid detail and real examples evidence of an upside down world in decay and a Right Side Up world of authentic beings bright with possibility.

The Flip is an owner’s manual for the twenty-first century full of insights, conversations with recognized experts, thought leaders, and visionaries, and actionable exercises and tips you can use to begin your own personal flip.

Flip Planet 2010: Blueprints For A New World
Nearly a half a decade later we felt compelled to create a FREE media e-book to illuminate the accelerated momentum of The Flip and share our own observations via audio clips.

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